Control of the photographic image for creative use is at the core of the program. Students begin with learning basic camera operation to control light, depth, and motion for visual expression. As students progress, composition and creativity in the medium will be emphasized while technical skills in both the digital lab and traditional darkroom will be established.

Courses in studio lighting, documentary photography, and advanced techniques will foster portfolio development for personal growth, entry-level photographic work and/or transfer to four-year BFA programs. Students interested in a serious study of the photographic medium and the possibility of transferring into a BFA program should consider the Associate of Fine Arts Degree in Photography.

Besides participating in the AFA Graduate Exhibition in the Adminstration Building (1000) Art Gallery, students can network and keep up with the latest news and events on the AFA Facebook page.

Program Outcomes

  • Develop and apply visual skills in the creation of photographs.
  • Analyze and apply elements of photographic composition in the creation of photographic images.
  • Demonstrate effective use of digital editing and traditional darkroom processes.
  • Use and apply the language of photography and elements of composition in critiques and discussion.