I-BEST Programs

If you are interested in job training but worried that your English language or basic reading and math skills might hold you back, Shoreline's I-BEST program could be for you.

How Does It Work? 
I-BEST (Integrated Basic Education and Skills Training program) has two instructors in the same classroom to teach technical and basic skills.  Students who need to improve their English language or brush up on math can get the help they need while studying in the career field of their choice. 

What I-BEST Programs are Available? 
Shoreline currently offers I-BEST programs. For more information, click on the program title.

Automotive General Service Technician
In this three-quarter program, students will learn the basic automotive technology fundamentals and maintenance procedures to prepare for entry-level positions in the service industry.

Manufacturing / CNC Machinist
This three-quarter program prepares students for entry into the high demand job market as a CNC (computer numerical control) Machinist.

Nursing Assistant Certified
This two-quarter certificate program prepares students for entry into one of the highest demand positions in the health care field. Nursing assistants work with registered nurses and LPNs in hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes.