Small Ensembles

Shoreline Community College is proud to offer a diverse Small Ensembles curriculum. All of the small ensembles perform works from current repertory and provide students the opportunity to arrange, compose and direct. The ensembles perform regularly on campus every quarter and at local festivals or schools throughout the region. Participation in a small ensemble is open to all students and community members. Rehearsal schedules and locations vary by group and are determined each quarter.

A partial list of small ensembles offered at SCC:

  • Brass Ensemble - directed by Alan Keith
  • Saxophone Ensemble - directed by Doug Reid
  • Woodwind Quintet - directed by Jeff Kashiwa
  • Piano Ensemble - directed by Helena Azevedo
  • Guitar Ensemble - directed by Andy Ferguson
  • Repertoire Jazz Ensemble - directed by Steve Kim
  • Percussion Ensemble - directed by Don Dieterich
  • Bluegrass Ensemble - directed by Cliff Perry
  • Snarky Ensemble - directed by Jeff Kashiwa

New students who want to join will need to audition at the beginning of Fall, Winter & Spring quarters. Students are required to enroll in the Small Ensemble Performance 4-credit course (MUSC 147) after receiving approval from the designated ensemble Music Director. Audition dates will be will be posted on this website.

For more information about small ensembles, please contact Doug Reid.

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MUSC 147 Small Ensemble Performance

Department Chair - Music Performance/Transfer & Small Ensembles Coordinator
Doug Reid