Cochabamba, Bolivia

Students practicing dentistry in CochabambaAugust - September 2018
Application Deadline: April 9
Credits: This program does not offer credits
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Dental Hygiene Program in Bolivia
Summer 2018

Working with the Smiles Forever Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Seattle, a group of Dental Hygiene students from SCC will have a chance to see firsthand how simple healthcare practices can make a difference in impoverished communities.

This program explores dental disease and will enable students to teach essential skills in an environment with limited equipment. While in Cochabamba, we will visit the first and only dental hygiene school in Bolivia.

A vital part of this program will be the outreach, which provides emergency dental care to impoverished communities. Participants will get a close-up view of living in poverty. By taking part in these community services, journal writing assignments, and classroom discussions, students will learn about poverty and education, as well as Bolivia's rich cultural heritage.

We are all empowered by gaining a broader understanding of diverse cultures and the complex health and political issues that are a part of our global community. Join us in Bolivia this summer to experience this firsthand.

For more information, contact Katie FlemingRosie Bellert, or Study Abroad Manager Cory Anthony.