International Studies

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Since 1989, Shoreline’s International Studies program has prepared students for leadership in an era of globalization. Our students are informed on world issues, with the professional skills needed for careers at home or abroad.

International Studies explores contemporary and historical understandings of cultures, economies and systems of government. It examines how the complex relationships between them shape our world today.

By taking classes in economics, history, geography, political science, international business and law, you will look at interactions among individuals and institutions at global, national, and local levels.

Upon completion of this program, you will have improved your ability to address complex global issues, and better understand the interconnections between the people, cultures, regions and institutions of the world.

Team Teaching

For the core courses, you will have two or more faculty from different subject areas in the room. Having multiple instructors allows you to explore each topic through the lens of multiple academic disciplines simultaneously. Since the world is composed of a diversity of viewpoints, we believe it is best explored through a diversity of viewpoints. In a way, you’re getting two or three classes in one.

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