Program Description

The 90 credit Associate in Arts transfer degree is designed to meet the general education requirements of Washington State four-year institutions and prepares students for a bachelor’s degree in Informatics. Informatics is also an excellent major for graduate studies in Computer Science, Information Technology, Library Science, Business, Law, and Education.

InformaticsWhat is it?

Informatics explores the complex relationship between people, information and technology. Students interested in informatics enjoy working with people and using technology to develop, design, manage and support data bases of information for personal and public use.

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Leslie Potter-Henderson
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Length of Program:
90 Credits Completion Award: A.A. Degree

Contemporary issues in Informatics:

Information Needs and Search Engines; Web Tools, Web Development and Technologies; Organization and Presentation; Data Base Design, Maintenance and Management; Security and Integrity of Information; Interface and Interaction Designs; Usability Research and Development; Evaluation of User Need and Design; and, New Design Techniques.

Career OpportunitiesWhat can I do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics?

From analyzing and solving problems, to leading and managing projects, informatics majors develop the knowledge and skills to be competitive in one of the fastest growing career fields. A degree in informatics prepares students for careers as information specialists, information architects, network managers, web developers, business systems analysts, web designers, information assurance professionals, business consultants, researchers and application/software designers.

Potential employers include:

Business and Industry, Corporations, TV and Radio Stations, Federal, State and Local Governments, Colleges and Universities, Private and Public Schools, Hospitals, Law Firms, Marketing and Research Firms, Private Foundations and Non-Profit Organizations. For more, please visit Career Counseling.

Transfer Possibilities Where can I transfer?

An Associate Degree from Shoreline  makes it possible for students to transfer to public and private colleges and universities throughout the U.S. with junior standing. Shoreline also has agreements with several universities to make transferring even easier. For transfer within Washington State, we offer a special degree called the AA-DTA. For international students, Shoreline also has conditional admission agreements that allow a student to be simultaneously accepted by Shoreline and a university of the student's choosing.

Length of Program: 90 Credits Completion Award: A.S. Degree