Student Voices


“The CEO Program has done more for me than I could have ever imagined. It's given me the tools to be a good student and a good mother and I feel ready to transfer to the UW. Teachers at Shoreline go the extra mile for you. ”

Class of 2014
UW School of Social Work, Class of 2016


"When I came here I was pretty lost. I was out of school from 3rd to 9th grade and had a disappointing try at high school. Coming here was the best decision of my life. This is a genuine second chance. I've made great connections here and now have a job co-producing a radio show."

Digital Audio Engineering Major


"I have blossomed here. The program has exceeded my expectations and I've exceeded my expectations for myself. I've really grown as a human being and see so many opportunities ahead for me."

Student leader; Pursuing non-profit management


"The support and services CEO and LCN provided are without question the means by which I made it through community college, then transferred to GWU, and now on to graduate school. Every great academic and professional achievement is as a result of my CEO and LCN beginnings. "

George Washington University, B.A., 2013; University of Washington, Master of Public Administration, 2016