Dental Hygiene Program Costs

Tuition and fees are set by the Washington State Legislature and are subject to change. The Shoreline Community College District reserves the right to change any of its fees or charges without notice. Approximate rates listed here are for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Note: It is imperative that financial arrangements are secured prior to acceptance in the program.

  • Due to the intensity and rigorous nature of the program, we strongly advise relying on financial aid rather than a part-time job while in the program.


Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Loans

Students accepted into the Shoreline Community College Dental Hygiene Program who are interested in information about financial aid, scholarships, and/or loans should contact the Financial Aid Office, Room 2131, Faculty Offices/Student Services (FOSS) Building, Shoreline Community College, 16101 Greenwood Avenue North, Shoreline, Washington 98133 (206-546-4762).  Deadlines are strictly adhered to, so students are encouraged to apply early.