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Learning the foundations of design and art is only one part of aspiring to be able to make a living in the design and graphic arts professions. Another part is getting people to see your work, so they will hire you for their projects.

How to accomplish that? Network. How?

  • Join groups that revolve around your interests.
  • Give your time to help others. 
  • Attend meetups and events.

Joining the Seattle Chapter of AIGA accomplishes all three. Seattle AIGA stages all sorts events, such as agency tours, panel forums, portfolio critiques and just plain meet and greets that engage professionals and students. You can participate for free if you volunteer to help at events. Contributing your time to AIGA is a great way to begin expanding your network.

The standard membership is $50 whether student or professional. This gets you:

  • access to AIGA's network of job openings
  • list of members
  • discounts to AIGA activities and events
  • support for Shoreline graphic design events

Go to to learn more. It is never too late to join, and your membership maintains Shoreline's AIGA student group's active status (we need at least 10 student members), thereby ensuring our connection to the greater Seattle design community.