International Student Advising

International Student Academic Advisors are crucial assistants who help students make important decisons about their academic and future career plans.

By working with an advisor, students are able to make the connection between their academic interests, degree requirements, and career opportunities.

There is "walk-in" (no appointment needed) advising on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, as well as individual appointment times to meet advisors.

Get advising help about:

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university transfer



F-1 Immigration

About the Advisors

Whatever students need to be successful living and studying in the U.S., our advisors are here to help.

Our advisors have all lived or traveled overseas, and know what it feels like to experience a new language and culture.

They'll help students with:

  • choosing the right classes
  • preparing to transfer to university
  • cross-cultural adjustment
  • getting to know the U.S.
  • getting to know Seattle
  • connecting with campus resources and events
  • and much more!