Other Important Considerations

Students should also take into consideration several other factors before making the decision to enter the Running Start Program:

  • Maturity is Essential. In addition to academic readiness students must have the personal discipline and responsibility to handle independence and the fast pace of college classes.  
  • Students Pay for Books & some Fees. Books can range from $40 to $110 each; students will be responsible for course fees.
  • Transportation is the Student's Responsibility. A dependable means of transportation is necessary; travel time and Permit and Parking Instructions time should be considered when scheduling classes.  
  • College Credit Does Not Transfer to All Schools. SCC college credit transfers to all public institutions and most private colleges in the State of Washington; outside of the State of Washington transfer credit is awarded on a college-by-college basis.  
  • Socialization Can Be an Issue. The college is an adult environment in which there is great age diversity; students range in age from high school age to the age of student's parents and grandparents.  
  • This is a Personal Decision. Parents and students should discuss Running Start together, taking into consideration the goals and personality of the student. Once at SCC, communication with the student becomes the only way a parent can track their success.

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