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Completed Capital Projects

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Below is a list of capital projects that have been completed from July 2008 to present.



Date Completed

Demolish FOSS 5000 ramp to the third level, the second and third level landings, and outside stairs to the first level. Construct new 1st to 3rd level stair system to all three levels. Replace 2nd and 3rd level landings. Construct new canopy system above the full 3rd level landing. Mid-September 2012
Replaced 1500 building roof, screen wall, and fascia. Replaced rooftop HVAC equipment, using the same boiler heating system. The inside hallways and all classrooms were "freshened", which includes new carpet/flooring, new paint, and new furniture. Also, 1508 & 1524 (green room) were remodeled. Mid-September 2012
Upgraded 2100 bldg original shop, showroom, and classroom light fixtures to more energy efficient lighting. Early September 2012
Construct and install new doors and security window at the front entrance area to the 1200 building. ADA access upgrades in the 1300, 2000, 2100, & 2900 buildings. Mid-May 2012
Construct an emergency stair system on north side of FOSS 5000 building. Late March 2012
Renovate the 1700 building. Mid-September 2011
Upgrade/Improve the 5000 FOSS elevator. Early September 2011
Construct and install three large windows in 5222 for accommodated testing.  Construct and install one window for the HTC Office.  Modify PUB Main Dining Room media closet access doors. Mid-June 2011
Remodel the 5200 level of the 5000 FOSS building in the Cashier and Enrollment & Financial Aid Services spaces.  Install new outside doors and automatic door openers on all three levels of this building. Mid-January 2011
Completed roof study and roof repairs on 2200, 2600, 2700, and 2800 buildings Late October 2010
Renovate the 1100 building Late September 2010
Install new chemical storage cabinets and associated exhaust systems that meet current code requirements in the 2700 bldg. - Rooms 2716 and 2710 S. Late May 2010

Make repairs needed to correct a water intrusion problem in the 1600 theater orchestra pit.

Early March 2010

Install new ADA auto door openers for the second level PUB 9000 men's and women's rest rooms.

Early February 2010

Construct new spaces for Safety & Security, Testing Center, and WorkSource Job Connection Center in the first level of FOSS 5000 Bldg.

Late November 2009

Expand the 2100 Automotive Training Center by 22,000 sf.

Early November 2009

Install new student hood ventilation systems in both 2700 chemistry labs.

Late September 2009

Move smoking shelters to new locations.

Late September 2009

Renovate the 1800 building.

Late September 2009

Replace electrical transformer servicing 1400, 1500, 1600, & 1700 bldgs.

Late September 2009

Complete list of improvements/repairs to 2900 building.

Mid-September 2009

Replace the 1200 building roof.

Late June 2009

Upgrade HVAC systems in six 800 (music) building classrooms.

Late June 2009

Clean Energy House Improvements (Clean Energy Technology Center).

Mid-March 2009

Upgrade 3000 building men's and women's locker rooms.

Late October 2008

Repair sewer line SE of 3000 building.

Late September 2008

Replace and upgrade the 1600 theater lighting system.

Late September 2008

Renovate the 1800 building rest rooms.

Mid-September 2008

Replace and upgrade the 10 electrical panels in 1500 - 1600 - 1700 buildings.

Mid-September 2008

Replace the 1100 building roof.

Mid-September 2008

Repair walkways that are cracked and damaged.  Add ADA access to fountain.

Early September 2008

Repair 2900 building NE and SE stairs.

Early September 2008

Build new Pagoda Union Building (PUB).

July 2008 - permanent occupancy

Repair sewer line in 2900 building parking lot.

Mid-July 2008