Prerequisite Checking

What are Prerequisites?

Prerequisites are the courses you have to take, or the level of proficiency you must demonstrate, in order to be prepared to take a certain class.

Your Responsibility

You need to make sure you meet the prerequisites before registering for a class. This will ensure that you are prepared to succeed in the classes you chose. You can do this by checking the course descriptions in the quarterly class schedule and in the College Catalog. If you have questions, please contact the instructor of the class, the department teaching that class, or an advisor. You may also refer to our frequently asked questions.

For a limited number of courses, the college registration system automatically checks that you meet the prerequisites. If the database does not have a record that you meet the prerequisites, you will not be able to register for these classes.  

If you were denied registration for a particular class but believe you meet the prerequisites follow these steps:

  1. Email the relevant department (see contact info below)
    • Attach an unofficial copy of your transcript or test score
    • Indicate in your message which class and which quarter you are interested in.
  2. After the department reviews your information/document and confirms your placement, you will receive a 5-digit "entry code". This usually takes 1-3 days.
  3. Return to the online registration system and use that number to complete the process to register for that class.

Classes checked for prerequisites at the time of registration:

 Subject  Course Number
Biology all 200 numbered courses
Chemistry all classes
Computer  Science all classes
Economics &201, &202
Engineering all classes
English  099, 100, &101, &102
Mathematics all classes
Music &142, 143
Philosophy &120
Physics 110
Psychology 202, 209, &220, 230
World Languages contact instructor

 *Course numbers with an “&” are common course numbers that are consistent across all Washington State community colleges.(More explanation about common course numbering.)

You can satisfy prerequisites for these courses with:

  1. Classes already taken - at Shoreline or another college
  2. Appropriate AP test scores or IB test scores. For English only, SAT or ACT may be used. Scores must be within two years.
  3. High school classes are used to satisfy prerequisites. Currently, this is limited to Shoreline public high school graduates. Bring a copy of your transcript when you attend a START (Student Advising and Registration Time) or meet with an advisor.
  4. Smarter Balanced Assessment – High school students who took the 11th grade Smarter Balanced assessment in Washington can use their scores for placement into college level English and Math. See chart for score equivalencies.
  5. Appropriate scores on the COMPASS test or Accuplacer test or TOEFL. Scores must be within two years.

ASSET Test: Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are eligible to fulfill prerequisites based on their performance on the ASSET Test. This is a paper and pencil test. Please contact the Testing Center if you want to be considered for this test. 

Contact Information

Biology Prerequisites

Room 2800 Front Desk
Phone: 206-546-4567
Fax: 206-546-5865


Chemistry Prerequisites 

Room 2800 front desk
Phone: 206-546-4576
Fax: 206-546-5865


Computer Science and Engineering Prerequisites   

Room 2800 Front Desk
Phone: 206-546-4567
Fax: 206-546-5865


Economics &202 prerequisite 

Room 5342
Phone: 206-546-4706

English Prerequisites

Room 5326 or 5327
Phone: 206-546-4742
Fax: 206-546-5869


Math, Phys 110, Econ &201, Phil &120 Prerequisites

Room: 2800 Front Desk
Phone: 206-546-4567
Fax: 206-546-5865


Music prerequisites

Room: 808
Phone: 206-546-4605


Psychology prerequisites 

Room 5368
Phone: 206-546-5885