Transfer Timeline


Approx. number of Credits

Steps to Take

1-29 credits

  • Make initial contact with a faculty advisor.
  • If unsure of major, start exploring! Contact Advising and Counseling for assistance.


30-45 credits
  • Find out what prerequisites are needed for your major and university--they may not be the same. 
  • Work on finishing general requirements and specific transfer requirements.
  • Attend transfer workshops held on campus or at your university.

46-60 credits

  • Apply to your intended schools.
  • Make sure you check with the each school's deadlines
    (Note: Running Start students and International Students may not have the same deadlines as general transfer students)
  • Also, be sure to note if there is a separate application for your major. The deadline for general admission and the deadline for your major may NOT be the same!
  • Look for scholarships for the next academic year.
  • If you need letters of recommendation, be sure to give your instructors enough time to write a strong letter of support. However, you need to get to know your instructors first so be sure to make that important connection!
  • If your college requests a personal statement, be sure to write an effective and thoughtful essay. Attend Shoreline's How to Write a Winning Personal Statement workshop held on campus each quarter in the Writing and Learning Studio.
  • Apply for graduation at Shoreline Community College when you have at least 45 college-level credits.

61-89 credits

  • Apply for graduation at Shoreline Community College.
  • Continue applying to schools.  Start to follow-up applications. 

90+ credits

      Graduate! Congratulations and good luck in the future!